Scoring API

Most powerful recommendation engine of profiles and job offers.

Scoring technology helps you predict success and detect hidden gems. It allows you to score your profiles & jobs by relevance across all your pools.

We developed a fair-by-design technology that leverages external benchmark, market best practices and internal knowledge about your company to help you build tailor-made and bias-free prediction models across all your jobs in any industry. These models are also getting smarter with every interaction and feedback.

Why you should choose our Scoring?

Features workflow

Scoring Workflow

  • Tokenization : Our method of tokenization gives our models additional advantages in terms of making them less prone or prone to typing errors by leveraging information on subwords and multigrams.

  • Vectorization : Our vectorization method consists of a hierarchy of levels, a first one at the word level by using our in-house pre-trained word embeddings on the world largest HR entities dataset, then a second one for encoding paragraphs (sections in documents) based on Natural Language Processing state of the art models. Vs Alternatives