API Authentication

Accessing your API keys (read, write, read & write) to perform your API calls and requests.

Accessing your API Keys

After creating your account our system will automatically generate for you three pairs of :

  • Client Id

  • Client Secret Key (you have to store it safely)

These keys will be available with various level of permissions:




Send data (can be used front-end side)


Retrieve data (only server side)


All permissions

You can find your API credentials by clicking the API > Keys tab in your setting section.

Using your Key

Requests are authenticated using a HTTP header called X-API-Key. Pass your API Secret Key (ex: DEMO_KEY) into the X-API-Key header. You do not need to provide an auth username or a password.

curl endpoint_url -H "X-API-Key: DEMO_KEY"

To accept API calls only from an approved list of domains, you should choose a Write Only permission and specify a DOMAIN WHITELIST .