Most frequently asked questions

What are profile tags, and how should I use them?

A profile tag is an extra information associated with a profile. Profile tags helps users mark certain profiles with specific information for search, analytics or workflow filtering.

How to format tags

You can add a list of searchable tags to a given profile,

  • Each tag is defined by name and value,

  • Value can be one of these data types (ie string, integer, float, boolean).

Example: [{"name": "blacklist", "value": False}, {"name": "url", "value": xxx}....]

Tags must be included at profile's creation.

What is an item_id and a profile_id?

An Item ID [item_id] is an attribute used to identify all documents uploaded in hrflow (either job's item or profile's item).

A Profile ID [profile_id] is a unique identifier for a HrFlow Profile.

Profile Id and Source Id represent in a unique way HrFlow Profile

Profile unicity ?

An HrFlow profile is unique by its profile_id and source_id.

The couple (source_id, profile_id) is mandotory to retreive Profile's parsing / embedding / metadata ...