PHP SDK PHP installation guide.

Our PHP library is an open source, production-ready and a PHP Wrapper API. It is an easy way to access HrFlow API features .

This library is open-source, so you can check it out on GitHub.


Install the package via Composer:

composer require hrflow/hrflow-php-api

Without Composer

1) Clone the repository from GitHub.

git clone /folder/path

2) Then you must add the following code to your PHP script to actually load the HrFlow:


You can keep the API client up to date by checking GitHub release page.

Initialize the client

To authenticate against the API, get your API SECRET KEY from your HrFlow dashboard!

To begin you adventure with HrFlow, you will need to initialize the client. In order to do this you will need your API SECRET KEY. You can retrieve it from HrFlow Dashboard

require __DIR__ . '/vendor/autoload.php';
// Authentication to api
$client = new Hrflow\Client('your api key');



List of Methods

Upload Profile

You can upload either json or binary (file) Profile

Get Profile's searching

Profile search engine

Get Profile's scoring

Retrieve Profile's scoring

Get Profile's indexing

Retrieve Profile's indexing JSON

Get Profile's parsing

Retrieve Profile's parsing

Get Profile's embedding

Retrieve Profile's embedding

Get Profile's revealing

Retrieve Profile's revealing

Get Profile's reasoning

Retrieve Profile's reasoning


List of methods

Upload Job

Uploading a job by specifying some information.

Get Job's indexing

Retrieve Job's indexing JSON

Get job's parsing

Retrieve Job's parsing

Get job's embedding

Retrieve Job's embedding for advanced analysis

Job searching

Job search engine

Job Scoring

Retrieve scoring for list of jobs

Job Reasoning

Retrieve Job's reasoning


List of methods

List all sources

Method used for finding list of sources by the given condition

Get a source

Retrieve source's information for a given source_id


List of methods

Check webhook

Send a webhook notification test