What is HrFlow.ai?
Welcome to HrFlow.ai API documentation.

Quick introduction

HrFlow.ai is an API-first company that provides state-of-art AI Talent Cloud Solutions for HR Tech companies.
Designed by a world class engineering team our technology leverages both Deep Computer Vision and Deep Natural Language Processing methods to get the best precision and performance.
With 200+ integrations and packages in 7 different programming languages both Partners and Developers can integrate seamlessly our solutions with the flip of a switch.
The products are fully customizable and evolve with your growing needs.

API clients

We’ve developed API clients for the most common programming languages and platforms. These clients are advanced wrappers on top of our REST API itself and have been built in order to help you integrate our service within your apps. For example, you might choose to use our PHP client for your indexing logic, while your front-end relies on our Javascript client. All our clients are open-source and available on Github.
You can also use curl endpoint_url -H "X-API-Key: DEMO_KEY" to perform your request.
Last modified 8mo ago