🧠 Tag a Text

Predict most likely tags for a text with our library of AI algorithms.



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  2. 🔑 Get your API Key
  3. 🧠 Activate Text Tagging API


Postman Endpoint

Try out the live API demo of this endpoint with Postman


Batch Mode with 'texts' parameter

  • Batch size = lenght(texts) should be < 32 (and a multiple of 2 for an optimum speed).

Six taggers have been released through the Tagging API. We are actively working on bringing out more taggers. Here is a list of all the currently available taggers:

Algorithm KeyTagging SetIdentifiers Set
tagger-rome-familyGrand domaines of job the French ROMEROME Grand domaines codes
tagger-rome-subfamilyDomaines of job the French ROMEROME Domaines codes
tagger-rome-categoryMetiers of job the French ROMEROME Metiers codes
tagger-rome-jobtitleAppellations of job the French ROMEOGR codes
tagger-hrflow-skillsSkills referential defined by HrFlow.aiIdentifiers defined by HrFlow.ai
tagger-hrflow-labelsUser defined labels, if anyIndex of respective label

Request headers

X-USER-EMAILYour HrFlow.ai account's email.


Response JSON

The Response contains a list of predicted tags and their likelihood.

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