🗣 Provide Feedback on Parsed Profiles to HrFlow.ai

This document guides users on how to provide feedback to HrFlow.ai regarding parsed profiles.

Providing feedback on parsed profiles is essential for ensuring accuracy and enhancing our parsing algorithms. This guide simplifies the process of submitting corrected profiles to HrFlow.ai, ensuring that your valuable feedback is efficiently processed and applied.



  1. ✹ Create a Workspace
  2. 🔑 Get your API Key
  3. 🧠 Activate Profile Parsing API
  4. 🔌 Create a Source
  5. 🧠 Parse a Resume

How to Provide Feedback

  1. Parse a Profile in Your Workspace : Begin by parsing a profile within a source in your HrFlow.ai workspace. This step converts the resume into a structured profile format, ready for review and correction.
  2. Retrieve the Profile for Review : After parsing, use the Get a Profile API to retrieve the parsed profile. This enables you to review the parsed information for accuracy and completeness.


    What you need

    API Endpoint : Get a Profile API

    To access and review a profile within your workspace, ensure you have the following key elements at hand :

    • API key : Your workspace's API key. This key authenticates your requests and grants access to your workspace's data.
    • source_key: The unique identifier of the source where the profile is stored. This key helps pinpoint the exact source within your workspace.
    • profile_key or reference: The unique identifier (either a profile key or a reference) for the specific profile you wish to retrieve. This parameter ensures you access the correct profile for review or correction.
  3. Correct the Profile : Examine the retrieved profile and make necessary corrections. Focus on personal information, work history, education, and any other sections that require adjustments. Ensure that the corrected profile accurately reflects the candidate's information without resorting to generic values.
  4. Add a Tag for Feedback Traceability : To ensure your feedback is accurately tracked and associated with your workspace :
    1. Tag Name : customer
    2. Tag Value : Use the domain of your workspace where the profile was parsed. For instance, if your workspace is at my-company.hrflow.ai, the tag value should be my-company.
  5. Include Metadata to Describe the Changes : Add metadata to your profile submission to outline the specific corrections or changes you've made. This information is crucial for guiding the HrFlow.ai team in understanding and processing your feedback effectively.
    1. Metadata Name : feedback
    2. Metadata Value : A concise description of the changes made to the profile.
  6. Submit the Corrected Profile : Finally, push the corrected profile to HrFlow.ai using the Index a Profile in a Source API. Ensure to use the provided API key and your user email to authenticate your submission.


    What you need

    API Endpoint : Index a Profile in a Source API

    To access and review a profile within your workspace, ensure you have the following key elements at hand :

    • API key :askw_edb315ca7f85597911300d6eb472fc23
    • source_key: c375f758de425a6d0af05fee3186f073665dca86

Advanced Topics : Example in Python with HrFlow Package

In this section, we will provide you with an end-to-end Python example for parsing a profile, correcting the first name, and submitting this as feedback to HrFlow.ai.

from hrflow import Hrflow

# 0. Initialize the HrFlow client with your API credentials and the Feedback HrFlow client
company_client = Hrflow(api_secret="YOUR_API_KEY", api_user="[email protected]")
feedback_client = Hrflow(api_secret="askw_edb315ca7f85597911300d6eb472fc23", api_user="[email protected]")

# 1. Parse a resume
# 1.1 Read file from directory (in binary mode) 
with open("path_to_file.pdf", "rb") as f:
    file = f.read()

# 1.2 Parse it using this method

# 2. Retrieve the Profile for Review (with **company_client**)
response = company_client.profile.indexing.get(
  key="INSERT_THE_PROFILE_KEY" # This key will be generated once the profile is parsed, and you can retrieve it from your workspace

# 3. Correct the Profile
profile = response["data"]
profile["info"]["first_name"] = "Henri" # Previously : Jean

# 4. Add a Tag for Feedback Traceability

# 5. Include Metadata to Describe the Changes
    "value":"The first name was incorrect."

# 6. Submit the Corrected Profile (with **feedback_client**)