Profiles Scoring

What do you need to use Profiles Scoring ?



  1. ✨ Create a Workspace
  2. 🔑 Get your API Key
  3. 🧠 Activate Profiles Searching API
  4. 🧠 Activate Profiles Scoring API
  5. 🔌 Create a Source
  6. 💾 Index Profiles in the Source
  7. 🔌 Create a Board
  8. 💾 Index a Job
  9. Create, Configure your Scoring Algorithm

Profiles Scoring setup

Step 1: Create your Sources

For a detailed description of how to do this, please refer to Profiles Searching

Step 2: Index Profiles in your Sources

For a detailed description of how to do this, please refer to Profiles Searching

Step 3: Create your Board

Step 4: Index your Jobs in your Board

For a detailed description of how to do this, please refer to Jobs Searching

Step 5: Create your AI Scoring Algorithm

Please refer to Create, Configure a Scoring Algorithm to set up your AI Algorithm that will be used to score Profiles against a Job. Your Algorithm will be uniquely identified by its algorithm_key.

How to Profiles indexed in a Source against a Job ?

You can refer to this documentation 🧠 Score Profiles indexed in Sources for a Job, which provides a detailed description of the query used to score Profiles in one or multiple Sources against a given Job in a Board using an Algorithm.


Filter Recommended Profiles

As you may have noticed, the scoring request also includes a similar set of filtering criteria as in the searching.
Actually, the scoring provides a complete ranking of all the profiles in the indicated sources by their probability to fit the target job. However, the additional parameters allow filtering these results while preserving the order of the recommendation.
You can see the full list of the parameters that can be used to filter Scoring results here.

Pagination enables you to have full control over the way you retrieve your results.
You can fetch a specific page by using the page parameter which serves as a page offset combined with the limit parameter that specifies the number of Profiles per page.

You can try the 🧠 Score Profiles indexed in Sources for a Job endpoint directly in our Postman collection, to get a sense of what kind of data they'll return.

Run in PostmanRun in Postman

Don't hesitate to check our publication on Postman to help you get started quickly with our Postman collection.

How to display Profiles Searching results ?

You can make use of our Scoring API as explained above and retrieve recommended Profiles by the Scoring Algorithm for a target Job. You can further filter these results according to a set of criteria specified by the end-user and with the use of pagination, these Profiles can be displayed in the recommendation order (ie. the probability given by the Scoring Algorithm).

If you want to get an idea of how to display the profiles, you can refer to this example on
how to dynamically display on a page the profiles resulting from a search query.


In which order results can be displayed ?

The profiles produced by a search query can be displayed in an order (descending order_by = desc or ascending order_by = asc) according to the sort_by parameter specified in the query.

The different values allowed for this parameter are listed in detail in 🧠 Score Profiles indexed in Sources for a Job.

When scoring Profiles, it's recommended to use the value sort_by = scoring and order_by = desc, to have the recommended Profiles ordered by the probability of matching the target Job in descending order.

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