Artificial Intelligence Studio of HrFlow.ai to democratize data science in HR departments.

HrFlow.ai provides the first AI Studio in the HR Industry.
The AI Studio allows you to take control of the entire lifecycle of your HR Algorithms. From Algorithm building to maintenance, we have you covered. No coding experience required and no reliance on engineers.

Algorithms Marketplace

The Algorithms Marketplace lists the different types of pre-trained AI algorithms available on HrFlow.ai.
Those algorithms are built with self-learning AI trained on billions of HR data points.


Custom Algorithm Training

Because every company has a unique culture and goals, we made our AI Algorithms entirely customizable.
They can be re-trained on attributes and data related to the top performers of an organization to completely tailor recommendations.

Continuous Training

Using online learning, a process that enables a computer to learn continuously, our AI algorithms get smarter with every new data point, interaction and feedback.

Data Debiasing

Training data is often biased by the world's long history of human prejudices. If an algorithm is trained on a biased training set, it will simply codify and amplify this bias. That's why we built a set of auditing algorithms to highlight and remove any potential biases from past data.

Algorithm Auditing

Machine learning algorithms are not fair by default. That’s why we built inclusive algorithms that ensure a high standard of fairness and mitigate the risk of unintended biases (allocation, representation, gender, ethnicity, stereotypes, and more.).