Jobs Asking

Enhance Job Postings with Interactive Questions

In this article, we'll take a look at how Job Asking API works by interacting with the endpoint 🧠 Ask a question to a Job indexed in a Board. We will test queries through our public Postman collection.

The goal is to streamline and enhance the job posting process by effortlessly extracting essential information from job listings. This powerful tool not only facilitates the populating of every required field for job board postings but also enables the creation of succinct and tailored job descriptions that cater specifically to the desired profiles. With the ability to summarize and extract both explicit and implicit information from job listings, Asking Job empowers users to efficiently and effectively connect with their target audience and optimize the recruitment process.



  1. ✨ Create a Workspace
  2. 🔑 Get your API Key
  3. 🧠 Activate Asking API
  4. 🔌 Create a Board


API Endpoint

Get more information about the endpoint 🧠 Ask a question to a Job indexed in a Board.

Step 1: Index Jobs in your Board

Jobs in are indexed in special folders called Boards. You can refer to 🔌 Create a Board to create a Board.

First, you need to adapt your data to the Job Object format. All the required fields and values structures are defined at 📖 Job Object. Then, your Job Object is indexed in your desired Board using the indexing endpoint.

You can find a more thorough description of the indexing endpoint at 💾 Index a Job in a Board.


Index Job with a reference

  • Specifying a reference eases Job updates in
  • This reference is optional and uniquely identifies a Job in
  • Job always has a unique identification key (Job key) generated by


Indexed Jobs in must be kept up-to-date

To prevent outdated results from our Searching API, ensure updating all Jobs on which changes have taken place. Check here for more details on how to 💾 Edit a Job indexed in a Source.

Step 2: Get your First Asking Results with Postman

Let's dig deeper into our Job Asking endpoint possibilities. In the following, we are going to use our Postman Collection and focus on the endpoint that allows us to 🧠 Ask a question to a Job indexed in a Board.

📘 Postman

Check our publication on Postman to get started with our Postman collection.

Run in Postman

1. Configure your Postman Environment

Once you have followed the first steps described in this article, you will land on this page:

First, click on the "Environments" tab on the left side of your Postman window. Then, fill in the Empty - Environment template with the correct values. The compulsory variables for Jobs Asking are:

  • x-api-key: follow the steps from 🔑 API Authentication to retrieve it
  • x-user-email: follow the steps from 🔑 API Authentication to retrieve it
  • board_key: the Board where the job is indexed
  • job_key/job_reference: the key/reference of the Job to whom we wish to ask a question

Finally, save the environment and ensure that you selected Empty - Environment as your current environment.

2. Ask a question to Job in a Board

Now that the environment is selected, we can test our first request to Ask a question to a Job indexed in a Board. To do so, fill in your parameters :

  • [MANDATORY] questions: the list of questions you wish to pose to the job. Your list should consist of strings. For example :
    • Single question :["What is the start date for this job? (DD-MM-YYYY)"]
    • Multi questions : ["Summarize the job", "Is there a start date for this position?"]

Let's break down the Asking request's response. The field data of the response object is a list of answers in order they were asked. Consequently, the first answer will correspond to the answer for the first question, the second answer will correspond to the answer for the second question, and so on.

  • To effectively formulate and pose questions to the Job Asking, it is crucial to be clear and precise in your inquiries.
  • The model has the capability to comprehensively analyze all fields within a Job.
  • The model is trained to respond in the active voice, providing direct answers. However, it is possible for the model to give inconsistent or incorrect responses, so it's advisable to validate information when necessary.
  • For closed-ended questions, where you expect a binary response (yes/no), you can specify the choices within the question. For example: Is there a start date for this position? (yes/no)
  • For some specific closed-ended questions, it might be more suitable to use the Tagging API. For instance : What is the typical work space in the company (fast, moderate, flexible)?
  • You can also set a default value if you believe the answer may not necessarily be found within the job. For example : Exact address of the job (default: n/a) . Generally, when the model is unsure and no default value is specified, it may respond with "N/A" or "null."
  • If you want the model to provide a response in a specific format, such as a JSON list of entities, you can structure your question accordingly. For example : Among the following options, which best matches the job (returns a JSON list): Full-time, Permanent, Temporary, Part-time, Fixed-term contract, Internship, Apprenticeship, Freelance, Civic service. A valid response can be expressed as a string ["Full-time", "Permanent"]
  • Lastly, it's worth noting that the model is multilingual, and it will respond in the same language in which the question was posed.

Some examples of questions and their answer

What is the job title?Order Preparers
Exact address of the jobParis, France
What is the average salary for this job in euros per month?1175
What is the typical work space in the company (fast, moderate, flexible)?fast
Among the following options, which best matches the job (returns a JSON list): Full-time, Permanent, Temporary, Part-time, Fixed-term contract, Internship, Apprenticeship, Freelance, Civic service["Full-time", "Temporary", "Fixed-term contract"]
Is the position a permanent contract?Non
Is speaking French mandatory?Yes
What is the required level of education for this job? (default: Bachelor's degree)Bachelor's degree
Is language training offered to employees?No
Does this offer include a managerial status?No
Is there a start date for this position?Yes
What is the start date for this job? (DD-MM-YYYY)12-11-2023
Summarize the jobABC Market is recruiting Order Preparers through LINK RH for a long-term temporary contract (9/14 months with the possibility of becoming permanent). The position is based in Paris, France, and offers a net salary ranging from 750 to 1600 euros. The job involves ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty by preparing their drive or delivery orders with care and speed. As a representative of the store's brand, you will provide an optimal sales experience with your smile, dynamism, and good mood. The role is full-time (35 hours per week), includes benefits such as a 500 euro driving license subsidy, opportunities for rapid advancement within the group, and coverage of daily transportation costs. Work hours are Monday to Friday, 8-hour workdays, including weekends and holidays.
Adapt the job description to make it more inclusive (ethnicity, gender, etc.)At our hypermarket, we are committed to fostering an inclusive and diverse work environment, and we welcome applications from individuals of all ethnicities, genders, and gender identities. As a Checkout Operator, your primary responsibility will be to provide exceptional customer service while operating cash registers and ensuring the smooth flow of transactions. We value diversity and promote a workplace where everyone feels respected and valued for their unique contributions. We actively encourage individuals of all backgrounds to apply, including women, men, and non-binary individuals. We also recognize the importance of accessibility for all team members. We offer accommodations for individuals with disabilities and provide access to an ergonomist and physical therapist to ensure that our workstations are optimized for comfort and efficiency. Your well-being and comfort are important to us, and we are committed to creating an inclusive and accessible work environment where everyone can thrive. Join our team and be part of a supportive and diverse community!
What are the career progression opportunities in this position or within the company?The job offers the possibility of rapid career progression within the group, as indicated by the benefits section of the job posting.

Advanced Topics

1. Try Asking in your Favorite Programming Language

Once you have tried the request in Postman, you can directly convert it to work with your favorite programming language. Here is an example with Python and the module Requests.

import requests
import json

url = ""

questions = [
  "What is the start date for this job? (DD-MM-YYYY)",
  "Is language training offered to employees?"
payload = {
  "board_key": "FILL_WITH_BOARD_KEY",
  "key": "FILL_WITH_JOB_KEY",
  "questions": json.dumps(questions)
headers = {
  'Content-Type': 'application/json'

response = requests.request("GET", url, headers=headers, data=payload)