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By leveraging AI superpowers, we help HR Tech, Staffing Agencies, and Large employers to thrive in a high-frequency labor market.


Unify, Understand, Automate Talent Data
HrFlow.ai is on a mission to make AI and data integration pipelines a commodity in the HR Industry:
1. Unify: Link your Talent Data channels with a few clicks, so they can share data.
2. Understand: Leverage our AI solutions to process your Talent Data.
3. Automate: Sync data between your tools and build workflows that meet your business logic.


The ultimate AI & Data pipeline for the HR Industry

Get started with a few clicks, or a few lines of code.

HrFlow.ai offers you two powerful ways to integrate AI within your technology stack or build your ultimate talent data pipeline:

  • HrFlow.ai API - Our code-based interface designed for integration within your software applications. Our API offers clients in many popular programming languages.
  • HrFlow.ai Portal - Our user interface (UI) designed specifically for your HR AI projects and HR Data integration. Portal makes it fast and easy to sync data between tools, activate and train AI algorithms, and automate tedious tasks.


Start building with HrFlow.ai today

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Live AI demos

You can see our AI capabilities applied to Talent data by visiting: https://labs.hrflow.ai

Community support

For general help using HrFlow.ai, please refer to the official HrFlow.ai docs. For additional help, you can use one of these channels to ask a question:

  • Slack (For live discussion with the Community and HrFlow.ai team)
  • GitHub (Open-source, Contributions)
  • Twitter and Linkedin (Get the news fast)
  • F.A.Q (Get answers to frequently asked questions)
  • Talk to a solution Expert (Live informal 30-minute video call with the HrFlow.ai team)

Changelog, Roadmap, and Requests

  • Changelog (Check our announcements and releases)
  • Rodmap (Get informed on our work in progress, and our future work for the next weeks, months and years)
  • Features' Requests (Submit Feedback, request a feature, up vote ideas)