Create a Scoring Data

Scoring data needed to train a custom AI Scoring Algorithm.


Scoring algorithms

A scoring algorithm serves as an AI-powered tool for AI matching. It's directly deployable to create recruiter or talent copilots in the AI studio.

1. Standard Scoring Algorithms:

Our default scoring algorithms are rigorously trained on diverse datasets to ensure :

  • 💪High performance: Human level matching capabilities at low cost.
  • 🎯Objectivity: Minimal Bias for maximal fairness considerations
  • 🔄Adaptability: Easily adjusts to match specific organizational needs and preferences.

2. Fine-Tuning for Optimal Performance:

Every company is unique, so we've implemented algorithm fine-tuning. This process allows you to adjust and improve our algorithms based on your specific dataset distribution.

Fine-tuning creates an enhanced, private version of the default algorithms, capturing the nuances of each organization. The trainable algorithms have the following features :

  • 🎛️Fine-tuning: Easily retrainable with low quatities of data.
  • 🧠Minimal knowledge loss: Fine-tuning doesn't decrease the previous knowledge of the default scoring algorithms.

3. Viewpoints:

Scoring algorithms are designed to function for multiple audiences. Each audience has its own viewpoint and objectives:

AudiencesDefinitionsObjectiveEvent TypesConnectors
RecruitersPeople responsible for searching and interviewing both candidates and employees for positionsRecruit the best candidatesATS stages, HCM stages, Interviews ...Pixels, ATS, HCM, CRM, API
CandidatesJob seekers navigating job or career sitesFind the best jobJob views, Apply buttons, Form submissions, Email clicks ...Pixels, Heatmaps
EmployeesIndividuals looking to transition to a different role within their organizationFind the best roleTraining completions, Performance reviews, Meeting attendances ...Pixels, App Analytics, API, ETL

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